October 2014

27 – MD – Hook’em

I am often amazed and impressed with new ways bits and parts of business can get done due to advances in technologies, with so many possibilities opened with tools like the SmartPhone.  Take for example a few days ago I opened my email and found a submission from one of our clients.  At first I thought they had just used our web form to request an appointment, which is a fairly germane event.  Then I noticed there was not a lot of information in the body of the email, but there was an attachment.  An .mp4 file had been emailed to our clinic inbox.  Intriguing and unexpected, I took a look.  Poop.  Oh yes, an authentic fecal sample from one of our patients owned by a concerned and attentive client.  Oh and as a bonus, I could see something moving — wriggling really — at the side of the sample on display on my 1080p, 32″ display monitor.  Worms.  Dr. Davis dropped by and commented, “Ah yes, hookworms” and a patient’s chart was updated.

I can’t really say I’m “excited” to have received a client made video of doggie poo and some hook worms.  But I can definitely say I’m very excited that the clinic is ready, willing, and able to use these channels of communications media in order to arrive at a more complete, more effective diagnosis and subsequent treatment of our patients.  Yes, that is very exciting indeed.